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MIKE GARRY with The Cassia String Quartet


Handwritten Miracles

Official Release October 13th

It is an album of lyrical mastery from Mike Garry, produced by John Ellis and perfectly framed by the accompaniment of the musical talents of The Cassia String Quartet. Musicians Tory Bickerton, Andy Crick, Laurie Dempsey and Amy Welch enhance Mike’s unique rhythm and meter to deliver 11 individual tracks to experience.

  • 1 Intro. 0.53  (Garry, Bickerton, Crick, Dempsey, Ellis & Welch)
  • 2 Screams (Lyrics – Garry & Music – Bickerton)
  • 3 Tonight 3.58 (Lyrics Garry & Music Crick)
  • 4 Flying Bikes 4.57 (Lyrics Garry & Music Dempsey)
  • 5 Blink 5.02 (Lyrics Garry & Music Welch)
  • 6. 06 0.31 (Whirly Tubes by Garry & Dempsey)
  • 7 Spring Crossing 4.42 (Lyrics Garry & Music Welch)
  • 8. Show Me Hope  3.45 (Lyrics Garry & Music Dempsey)
  • 9. Signify 3.52 (Lyrics – Garry & Music – Bickerton)
  • 10. Son 2.13 (Lyrics Garry & Music Dempsey)
  • 11. Kids On Glue 6.35 (Lyrics Garry & Music Dempsey)

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About Mike

I’ve known Mike since I was a kid and I’ve seen him perform in a solo capacity many times. I’ve always been a fan, not only of the subject matter, but the balance between the intensity and humour in his delivery.  I know that Mike has played with the Cassia String Quartet before, but this album is the first time I’ve heard him playing with a ‘band’, so to speak. The addition of their magnificent writing and playing is the perfect accompaniment.  I think the discipline of playing with other musicians hasn’t hindered Mike’s unique rhythm and meter but has enhanced it.  And like any great front person, his voice is part of the ‘band’.

Me and Bee went to see Mike in Manchester perform tracks from this album together with the Cassia String Quartet a couple of days ago and we were both blown away. A live experience will always differ from recorded work but the standout element for me was the way the music frames Mike’s work perfectly. It felt like they just belong together. 

But after digesting this album, I insist that you go and see them live. No words by me will truly explain what a unique experience it is. 

Mike Joyce – The Smiths



The Casssia String Quartet

The Casssia String Quartet



Formed in 2010, the Cassia String Quartet is a Manchester-based group that embrace both classical and modern music. They have performed across Europe and the UK, sharing the stage with bands such as New Order, Daughter, The Charlatans, and Blossoms, showcasing their unique style. With performances featured on BBC Radio, the Cassia String Quartet pushes boundaries and captivates audiences with their dynamic approach. The ensemble comprises of Tory Bickerton, Andy Crick, Laurie Dempsey and Amy Welch.

The hyper competitive realm of the professional poet can be psychologically perilous. It’s dog eat dog or quite often, the other way around.  In Moss Side you have to take the very rough with the not that smooth.  This was Michael’s manor before the gift of literacy propelled him from Princess Parkway to his present position as the fuck off versifier from the planet Manchester. 

Stylish and intense he moves with the ease of a swaggering athlete.  Not for him the trivial fixations of the casual saunterer his work is driven by that urgent velocity that is so encouraged in the city of industry.  Punch ups, dope trash, teenage scooter crime, crack games, car crashes and chip pan fires.  Rendered euphonious for your ears only.

I personally have borne grim witness to his ever growing international appeal. It never stops hurting.

Dr John Cooper Clarke


Mike Garry – Voice

Tory Bickerton – Violin

Andy CrickCello

Lawrie Jack Dempsey – Viola

Amy Welsh – Violin

Drums on Kids on GlueRob Turner 

Additional drums on intro for Kids on Glue – Andy Hay

All other instruments John Ellis 

Produced by John Ellis and Mike Garry

Engineered by Will Falkiner

Mixed by John Ellis and Will Falkiner

Mixed by George Atkins  @ 80 Hertz Studios

Recorded at Limefield Studio, Middleton, Manchester

Publisher Cheers Ta Publications

Record Label Cheers Ta Records

I love Mike Garry’s poetry. It’s passionate, powerful and precise but most of all personal

Philip Glass

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